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Watoto Smile 4Life International is a charity (non-profit organisation) that helps children and the elderly in Mbeya Tanzania with dental problems. 


Oral health has both a direct and indirect impact on Watoto (Children) and their ability to thrive in school. Poor oral health and other medical issues can lead to the loss of school days. Toothache alone might keep a child home from school for several days de to lack of dental facilities compounded by a lack of fees to pay for dental treatment. Studies show that untreated cavities can also affect a child's psychological wellbeing and social connectedness. This is the case with most children with fluorosis condition. The condition damages children's self-image and confidence. WS4LI's intent is to alleviate and arrest fluorsis before it develops and causes irreversable damage. 




In addition to root canals and extracting teeth, the charity treats fluorosis a condition caused by too much fluoride in ground water. The condition leads to. discolouration or spots on the teeth enamel. 

Fluorosis is a source of stigma and embarrassment for children with discoloured teeth. The WHO says that Tanzania has the most severe and widespread groundwater quality problem, fluorosis. 

Schools Outreach

The Watoto Smile For Life (Tanzania) in collaboration with Colgate Limited in Tanzania provides free oral education to school children in Mbeya. 

International Twinning

Continuing Professional Development (CPO).

Watoto Smile 4Life International will facilitate the partnership between overseas dentists and local dentists in Tanzania.  WS4LI will facilitate the provision of practical workshops in dentistry and oral hygiene where local dentists will gain insight into latest technologies in the treatment of dental health problems. WS4LI believes in professionalism that requires high medical and management skills. 

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